Louisa Jane Robinson
Languages graduate living in the UK, hoping to study for an MA in International Relations and then become a journalist specialising in international affairs abroad. I speak French, Italian, and English, and hope to learn many more languages. I want to volunteer with IC, so I can gain more confidence in a different environment, and learn better reporting and translation skills. I love drama, art and travelling and of course volunteering with different organisations such as Shelter, Oxfam and the Blind Society.
— Louisa Jane, United Kingdom
Durga Ghimire
I have worked with international volunteers since a decade. I have been been associated with several organizations in Nepal and India and gained extensive work experiences on women empowerment, social justice, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, environment and ecology, primary education, etc. I am very social, honest, frank and convivial. I love traveling and helping.
— Durga, Nepal
Véronique Mazet
Très intéressée par la langue anglaise, pratiquée à l'étranger, au Canada anglophone et améliorée par des cours en ligne, je désirerais mettre mes compétences à votre service pour des traductions bénévoles de l'anglais vers le français. Ceci constituerait pour moi un enrichissement tant personnel que professionnel.
— Véronique, France
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