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Culture & Languages

ICVolunteers works with volunteers and professionals who speak more than 160 languages. Its language project encompasses the following services and projects:

Translation and interpretation: ICVolunteers recruits and coordinates volunteer translators and interpreters. ICVolunteers offers both simultaneous and consecutive volunteer interpretation. For more information about our conference services see

Community Interpreting - MigraLingua: This program aims to accompany migrants who arrived in a country where they not master the local language. MigraLingua includes three components: a networking among stakeholders involved in the reception of migrants, the training of community interpreters and language support for families. It manages a network of community interpreters. For more information, see the website of

World Network for Linguistic Diversity - Maaya: ICVolunteers currently hosts the secretariat of the network, which currently brings together 3 international organizations, 4 intergovernmental and governmental organizations, 18 non-governmental organizations all focusing on issues related to languages and linguistic diversity. For more information, see

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