9ª Conferencia Internacional Anual sobre Resolución de Conflictos

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

11 - 16 Mayo 2001, St. Petersbourg, Rusia
St. Petersurg Convention Center


Common Bond Institute, Michigan, USA and Harmony Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Detalles del proyecto

The Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution (ICR) is held each spring in St. Petersburg, Russia and is a collaboration between two institutes - one American, one Russian. The Conference addresses today's potentials for large-scale conflicts, how to avoid such conflicts and how to promote peace, understanding and harmony in the global community.

Now in its 9th year as a jointly organized professional conference, this event has captured the desire and resolve of hundreds of change-makers from all corners of the world to define this time of true crisis as opportunity for positive change and healing, and for the formation of a culture of peace. Participants have come together from over 50 countries and all continents, providing excellent opportunities for important networking contacts.

The ICR Conference is endorsed by major universities, professional groups, and government organizations globally. US President Clinton, Russian President Yeltsin, and St. Petersburg Governor Vladimir Jakovlev have all been represented in past ICR. It has been included as part of the Hague Appeal for Peace Civil Society Calendar: 2000 International Year for the Culture of Peace. The Ashley Montagu Peace Award, established in 1995, is presented at the conference to recognize and honor individuals who's life work has distinguished them in contributing to international peace.

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