Second Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC)

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

17 - 19 Mayo 2004, Ginebra, Suiza
Hotel Crownplaza


Arigatou Foundation Geneva

Detalles del proyecto

The Second Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) came to a successful conclusion in Geneva. After three days of enlightening speeches, intense discussions in regional groups, and warm fellowship among adults and young people from 7 major religions, 68 countries, and 7 world regions. The Forum brought together 359 people from around the world, including 38 youth.

Present were guests and key note speakers of (inter)national organizations such as UNICEF, Defense for Children International, Children of the French Republic, Japan Buddhist Federation, Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children.

The Japan-based Arigatou Foundation was the organizer of the event. The Foundation has helped many children all over the world through its fund-raising activities in various ways. Some of their projects are continuous, and some are one-time-only in response to emergencies; some are independent, and some are cooperative. The Arigatou Foundation started off as a Buddhist initiative in Japan and today supports child-related projects, fighting against child labor and for education, self-esteem, in agreement with art. 29 of the Convention of Rights of the Child.

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Oportunidades de voluntariado

Volunteers were in charge of welcoming participants at the airport, at the hotel as well as at the reception desk. In addition, they were responsible for the information desk.

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