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Brazil: community projects in Rio de Janeiro

18 Septiembre 2005 - 18 Diciembre 2006, Brasil
Sao Gonçalo, in the State of Rio de Janeiro has 1. Más...

Edition 2006 du Forum international "Recherche en sport et technologie" (FIRST)

05 - 06 Diciembre 2006, Yverdon-les-Bains, Suiza
Les sports collectifs occupent une place très importante dans la société, de tous les sports peut-être la plus importante. Más...
Curso de Formación en Proteómica: el estudio de las proteínas

Curso de Formación en Proteómica: el estudio de las proteínas

04 Diciembre 2006, Yverdon-les-Bains, Suiza
Proteomics is the analysis of all proteins in a cell, tissue, or organism, with the aim to get a better grasp on the functions of cellular proteins. Más...

Handicap International: Diabetes Competence

21 - 23 Noviembre 2006, Lyon, Francia
Getting a child, a woman or a man back on his or her feet, in a difficult environment made even crueller by poverty, migration or famine, is simply giving this person the means to survive on his or her own. Más...


Extraordinary General Assembly
09 - 10 Noviembre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
An increasing number of countries are adopting the Geographical Indications system (IG), which helps identify a product coming from a specific region and presenting specific qualities linked to the area of production (Gruyère cheese, Parma ham, Sbrinz, etc. Más...
Annual Conference of Eurodad

Annual Conference of Eurodad

29 - 31 Octubre 2006, Berlin, Alemania
Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development) is a network of 48 development non-governmental organisations from 15 European countries working for national economic and international financing policies that achieve poverty eradication and the empowerment of the poor. Más...

2nd Congress of the European Green Party

13 - 14 Octubre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
After the NO on the draft EU Constitution in France and the Netherlands, the main goal of 2nd Congress of the European Green Party is to agree on a common vision on "A Green Future for Europe". Más...

Conference Endogenous Development and Bio-Cultural Diversity

The interplay of worldviews, globalisation and locality
03 - 05 Octubre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
The conference will bring together some 50 actors of the COMPAS network with another 50 persons and relevant organisations having experiences in the promotion of bio-cultural and endogenous sustainable development. Más...

UN Human Rights Council Side Event on Lesbian & Gay Issues

01 - 05 Octubre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
Like many non-governmental organizations, the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) followed the discussions of the 2nd Human Rights Council (HRC) which took place from 18 September to 6 October 2006. Más...
Consultation on Indigenous Issues

Consultation on Indigenous Issues

20 - 24 Septiembre 2006, Karasjok, Noruega
An informal caucus of indigenous delegates from around the globe made a deep impression on the life of the Lutheran World Federation's (LWF) 10th Assembly, held in Winnipeg, Canada, on 21-31 July 2003. Más...
Landmines conference: 7th Meeting of the States Parties (7MSP)

Landmines conference: 7th Meeting of the States Parties (7MSP)

18 - 22 Septiembre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
While the situation has improved in recent years, antipersonnel landmines are still being laid today, mutilating and killing people together with mines from previous conflicts. Más...

NGO-Preparatory Meeting for 2nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

17 Septiembre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
The 2nd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) was held from 18 September 2006 and 6 October 2006. Más...
World Knowledge Dialogue

World Knowledge Dialogue

14 - 16 Septiembre 2006, Crans-Montana, Suiza
Despite an ever expanding body of scientific knowledge, the comprehension of our surrounding world has little advanced, leaving a gap between the natural sciences and the human/social sciences. Más...
European Conference on Educational Research

European Conference on Educational Research

11 - 15 Septiembre 2006, Ginebra, Suiza
Knowledge in its various forms - expert knowledge, knowing what to teach and how, scholarly knowledge, embodied cognition, professional and craft practices - is a central concern for educational research, both from a practical and a theoretical viewpoint. Más...

Tourism Africa

10 - 15 Septiembre 2006, Geneva, Suiza
The event, entitled TourismAfrica 2006, organized by Strategic Business Meeting (SBM SA), was held in Geneva from the 10th to 15th September, 2006 with the official support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), African Union, UNCTAD, UNESCO AND African Development Bank (ABD), World Bank and the State of Geneva. Más...

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