A book fair under the rain... !

Photo © I. Amodei
Photo © I. Amodei
Irene Amodei
16 September 2008

The Parents' Association (APE) of the International Ferney-Voltaire Secondary school and 6th Form College (France), recently held the 2008 edition of its annual Book Fair. In this context, the APE has been collaborating with ICVolunteers-France for three years.

On Saturday 6 September from 9 until 11 am, in pouring rain and near darkness, hundreds of students converged to buy, sell or exchange their school books.

The unsold school books were collected by APE and will soon be handed over to ICVolunteers-France to be sorted and shipped to Africa (Mali in particular) in the course of the next few weeks, where they will be used by the schools and school libraries whose needs are greatest.

In its North-South cooperation projects, ICVolunteers strives to respect and encourage the principles set out in the "Book donation Charter" written by, among others, the French Librarians' Association, the National French Library and the Book and Reading Section of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

A small team of volunteers is needed to help ICVolunteers-France with labeling and packing the books collected.  If you have some time to spare please e-mail us at france@icvolunteers.org or call + 33 450 420 773.

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